Naskah Film : The Magic Watch

Scene 1
One Monday, there’s a new student at 2 Senior High School Magelang, named Bagus. Arum and Laksmi don’t like him because he is very arrogant.
Teng... Teng... Teng...
Arum     : OK. Stop talking because we have to start the lesson now and be careful for the killest teacher in our scool.
Laksmi   : Hahaha. Okay okay. I’ll not speak during his/her lesson and... here you are Nurul. Thanks for your help. (return back Nurul’s homework).
Nurul     : OK. No problem.
Teacher : Good morning, students.
All          : Morning, Sir/Ma’am.
Teacher : Now, we have a new student from Jakarta. His name is Bagus. Bagus, please introduce your self.
Bagus     : Hello, guys. Good morning. I’m Bagus. I come from Jakarta. Any question?
Nurul     : Why do you move here? As you know, Magelang isn’t as big as Jakarta.
Bagus     : Yes. I move here because Jakarta is so crowded for me.
Arum     : Just that?
Bagus     : No. I have a luxury cottage here. And I can do anything in my cottage because it’s so huge.
Laksmi   : Oh, damn. So, what will you do in your HUGE HOUSE?
Bagus     : I can ask my friends to come to my house maybe to swim because I have my own swimming pool.
Arum     : Oh, My God. He’s really arrogant. We must do something for him.
Teacher : OK. Bagus you can sit down there beside Nurul and I’m so sorry students because I have a meeting with the headmaster.
Bagus     : Alright, Sir/Ma’am.
Nurul     : Hello, Bagus. I’m Nurul. How do you do?
Bagus     : How do you do? Nice to meet you, Nurul.
Nurul     : Nice to meet you, too.
Bagus     : I hope we can make a good friendship.
Nurul     : I hope so.

Scene 2
At the break time, Firman had come into the classroom. Laksmi and Arum tell about Bagus to Firman.
Firman   : Hello, guys. How’s your day?
Laksmi   : Yeah. It’s a big great day with an arrogant new student.
Firman   : What do you mean?
Arum     : We have a new student and he’s the most arrogant person I’ve ever known.
Firman   : And don’t say to me that both of you do nothing.
Laksmi   : Of course not. But we will tell you after we finish our lesson. By the way, where were you during the first session?
Firman   : Ah. You asked it like you don’t know who I am.
Arum     : Wait. Don’t say that you were in the canteen!
Firman   : Hahaha. Great. You know me very well.
Arum     : Oh My God, help my friend please! We are in the 12th grade, now. Don’t truant again!
Laksmi   : Yes. We must study hard to prepare the national exam.
Firman   : Aaaahh. It’s easy guys. C’mon. Let’s go to the class.

Scene 3
Finally, Firman know how Bagus boast himself. After class, Firman, Laksmi, and Arum had discussed to give a punishment to Bagus.
Arum     : I think you’re already know how he boast himself.
Firman   : Yes I know it exactly and I know how to give a good punishment for him.
Arum     : How?
Firman   : (discussion)
Nurul     : Hey, guys! Why don’t you go home?
Laksmi   : Oh, dear! You surprised me. See! We just discuss how to give Bagus a lesson.
Nurul     : Do you mean that you will hurt Bagus?
Firman   : No. We just wanna have fun with him.
Nurul     : Really?
Laksmi   : Yes, of course. Oh, I mean, we don’t wanna hurt him but we wanna make him cry.
Nurul     : Oh, no. Please don’t do that. Although he’s arrogant, he is a kind person. He just doesn’t know how to make a friendship.
Arum     : Ah. Whatever you say, nice girl. Bye!
Nurul     : Hey! Wait!

Scene 4
The next day, they study together in front of the classroom.
Nurul     : Good morning, Bagus.
Bagus     : Hey, morning, too.
Few minute later Arum, Laksmi, and Firman come towards them.
Firman   : Oh you’re here, Bagus!
Bagus     : Yes, I’m here. What’s wrong?
Arum     : I heard that you are called by the headmaster.
Bagus     : Really? What’s wrong?
Firman   : I don’t know.
Bagus     : (hopeless) Oh, I hope there’s nothing happend.
Laksmi   : Oh, c’mon. He’s waiting for you.
Bagus     : Oh, okay. Thank you.
The bell rings, the students come to the classroom directly because their teacher don’t like the late comer.
Laksmi   : Hey, guys. I think our idea will be succeed.
Arum     : Yes. Yes. Yes. You’re right.
Firman   : He mustn’t be allowed to enter the classroom.
In the other place, Bagus has been waiting for the headmaster and choose to come back to the class.
Bagus     : (knocking the door) Excuse me , Ma’am.
Teacher : Hey, you’re late! You know that I hate that! You don’t allow to enter the classroom. Let’s go out and clean the floor in front of the class!
Bagus     : What? But,...
Teacher : Shut up! Do it or I will give you more!
Bagus     : Oh, okay, Ma’am. I’m sorry. (go out)
Firman, Laksmi, and Arum laughing and Nurul sneaking.
Nurul     : Hey! What did you do to Bagus? What’s wrong with him? Why are you so wicked?
Firman   : You must forgotten one thing.
Laksmi   : That’s right nice girl you forgot one thing.
Arum     : Actually you forgot that we will give him a few lesson.
Nurul     : You really evil! (go out and search Bagus)
Nurul see Bagus was exhausted.
Nurul     : Hey Bagus, are you okay?
Bagus     : Yes, I’m alright.
Nurul     : Really?
Bagus     : As you see.
Nurul     : Oh, I’m sorry about that. They’re so annoying.
Bagus     : Don’t worry.
Nurul     : You look so tired. Let’s go to the canteen. I will treat you.
Bagus     : Okay. Thank you.

Scene 5
At the other day, Arum, Nurul, and Laksmi find that Bagus brings a new cellphone. They want to borrow it. But actually Firman broke it.
Bagus     : (calling someone)
Arum     : Eh, your cellphone is new, isn’t it?
Bagus     : Yes. My father just bought me a new cellphone last night.
Nurul     : Wow! It’s great! But I can’t use it. How does it work?
Bagus     : (explain) You can click this menu to write message, this menu to use camera, and...
Laksmi   : Excuse, me. Can I borrow your new cellphone, please? (take it)
Firman   : Hello, guys! Wait me! (crash Laksmi and broke Bagus’ cellphone)
              Oh! I’m so sorry.
Nurul     : Oh, My God! You broke his cellphone!
Arum     : Yes, you broke his NEW CELLPHONE.
Bagus     : It’s okay, guys. I can ask my father to buy another one.
(cellphone ringing)
Bagus     : (answer the telephone) Oh, Ok. Wait a minute.
Laksmi   : Dear! He brings two cellphones!
Bagus     : Oh, I’m sorry, guys. My driver have to pick me up. See you tomorrow!
Laksmi   : (still speechless) Oh, bye!
Arum     : Oh, My God! How could God create a boy like that!

Scene 6
One day, they have a test. All students can’t do the test except Nurul. Bagus, Arum, Firman, and Laksmi try to search the answer by cheating.
Firman   : Oh, My God! I didn’t study yet. How can I do this test?
Arum     : Dear! I can’t do this test!
Nurul     : Thanks, God. I studied it last night so I can do this test well.
Arum, Firman, Laksmi, and Bagus are searching the answer. Bagus angry because Laksmi, Arum, and Firman don’t want to give their answer—actually because they can’t do the test. After that he go out from the classroom angrily.
Bagus     : They are egoist! They didn’t want to give me the answer! Shit!
Bagus don’t go home but sat for a while in the school lobby. He still angry until he relized that there’s a magic watch there.
Bagus     : Hey! Whose watch is it? It looks good. I’ll find out the owner tomorrow.
Nurul     : (come into) Why are you here? You look so bad.
Bagus     : Yeah. I can’t do the test. (tamper the watch)
Nurul     : Did you study last night?
Bagus     : No, I didn’t.
Nurul     : You must study to prepare the test so you can do the test well. Okay!
When Bagus push a button at the watch, something strange happens. Nurul stop talking and doesn’t move from her possition.
Bagus     : Eh, what’s wrong? (feel queer) Ah! Whatever you say Nurul.
At the door, Bagus push the button again and run away. After that, Nurul can speak again and everything back to normal.
Nurul     : Hey! Where’s Bagus? (curious) Ah! Never mind!

Scene 7
At the next day.
Nurul     : Bagus, where were you yesterday? Why did you dissapear? I was looking for you but you aren’t here.
Bagus     : I am sorry, I am in hurry.
Nurul     : Really? But you are weird.
Bagus     : What do you mean?
Nurul     : Yeah you dissapear.
Bagus     : Oh, it’s nothing. Just forget it.
Nurul     : (sneaking)
When the run competition at the school.
Bagus     : I can not run fast. I may not win from them. But I want to win this competition.
(unintentionally looked at his watch) Aha! I can use this watch to stop them so I can be the first runner. OK. I will try it first. (trying) Okay. It works. See, guys. I will win from you. It’s time for me to reply your actions to me.
Teacher   : OK, student. Let’s start. One, two, three, go!
When they started to run, Bagus click his watch’s button. And all of them are stop to run except Bagus. Bagus still running and finally, he win it.  After Bagus almost arrived at the finish, Bagus click the button again and all change back into normal. His friends are sneaking why Bagus can run very fast but they say nothing.
Firman   : Hey, guys. Do you feel weird with Bagus?
Arum     : What do you mean?
Firman   : Yeah. When we had the competition, Bagus won from us. But it’s too fast. It’s rather impossible.
Laksmi   : Oh, I know it. When the run started he still at back of you but around few minutes he almost arrive at the finish.
Arum     : Oh, yes I know it. I think that there must be something happend to him.
Firman   : Right. That’s what I meant. We must know what’s happened.
At the other place.
Nurul     : Hey, Bagus. You ran so fast. How could you do that?
Bagus     : Ah. There’s nothing, okay.
Nurul     : But you’re weird. Yesterday, you suddenly gone from the lobby. Tell me how you do that!
Bagus     : Okay. I will tell you but I’m in hurry, now.
Nurul     : No. Sit don’t here and you must tell me what was happened, now!
Bagus     : Oh, no. Okay. I tell you know but you must promise not to tell to others.
Nurul     : You can keep my words.
Nurul and Bagus still talking. They don’t know that Laksmi, Arum, and Firman hear what they are talking about.
Bagus     : Listen! I found a watch at loby yesterday and when I click one of its button everything become stopped. I don’t know why it’s happend.
Nurul     : Really? Can you let me know how it works?
Bagus     : Yes. You can click this button and a strange thing will be happend.
Nurul     : Okay. I’ll try it.
              Hey! It works! All of them stop in one possition. Great! (click the button again)
Bagus     : How? Now, you know how it works. And you should knew how I used it when the run competition.
Nurul     : Oh, no! You’re so crafty. You must return it back to the owner.
Bagus     : Ah. It’s cool, Nurul. I can do anything with this watch. I can do something to Arum, Firman, and Laksmi because of this watch. And I’ll do it.
Nurul     : (hopeless)
Bagus go out and surprised because his friends are hearing his conversation with Nurul.
Bagus     : Hey, guys. What are you doing here?
Firman   : Oh, nothing. We just...
Bagus     : Ah. I know. You must heard our conversation, right?
Laksmi   : Oh, no. We heard nothing.
Bagus     : I don’t believe at you. (leave them)
Arum     : Oh, God. He’s getting arrogant.
Firman   : Yes. We must take his watch.
At the break time, Arum looks Bagus’ watch on the table and she take it. She find Firman and Laksmi and give the watch to them.
Laksmi   : Hello, boss. Look what we got!
Firman   : What is it? Does it belong to Bagus?
Arum     : Yes. I found it on the table and I took it for you.
Firman   : Wow! Good job. You’re smart, guys.
Suddenly, Laksmi, Arum, Firman try to use the watch. on the other place, Bagus confused when know the watch was lost.
Bagus     : Where is my watch? Hey you! Do you see my watch? I put on here. But, I couldn’t found it now.
Extras    : I don’t know. Did you blame at me??
Bagus     : No, I just asked to you.
Extras    : It’s okay. I want to fight with you, because you look so arrogant.
Bagus     : What?? No…! (run away)
When Bagus was running, he saw Firman used his watch. Then he ran toward him.
Bagus     : Hey!!! That’s my watch!!!
Firman   : Really? I found it in the toilet.
Bagus     : No. I left it on my table. You must stolen it from me.
Firman   : I’m sure.
Bagus     : No, give it back or we fight.
Firman   ; I never dream to give it back to you.
Bagus     : You choose fighting, guys. Alright.
Bagus and Firman fighting and the girls are trying to arbitrate them but they can’t so they search for help. There are some people who try to arbitrate him but one of them grab the watch and said that it is his lost watch.
Extras    : Hey, it’s mine. Where do you find it? Oh, it’s not important. By the way thank you for found my lost watch. (take it and go away)
Bagus     : Oh, no. It backs to the owner. I can’t do nothing without it.
Nurul     : Okay, guys. Stop fighting. Now we don’t have the watch again so we you mustn’t fighting anymore. You must make a good friendship. Bagus you mustn’t arrogant anymore because we don’t like your character.
Bagus     : Just me? How about Firman, Laksmi, and Arum? They always hurt me.
Nurul     : Of course, they must ask for apologize to you because of their behaviour. Deal?
Fiman    : Huh, okay.
Arum     : I’m sorry Bagus for what we have done to you.
Bagus     : No problem, guys. I made a fault, too. I’m so sorry.
Laksmi   : Okay, because we are friend, now I want to cook something to celebrate it. Please come to my house tonight. I’ll wait for you at 8 p.m. Don’t be late, okay!
All          : Okay.

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